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      YLH Electronics(H.K.) Co.,Ltd was established in 2004, we supply IC, Memory, LCD ,Transistor, Diode, Saw filter, capacitor, inductor, resistor, connector etc for bom components list for over 10 years...Nowadays we also produce PCB for lighting equipment, also have SMT equipment for assembly to provide customer PCBA . Also we invest to provide LCD solution and supply TFT LCD moduel, LCD for Advertising ,  OLED Micro Display.

   We set our head sales office in Shenzhen,  PCB & SMT factory also in shenzhen ,  HK office side mainly for buying components also transmit goods to oversea .

   We are over 13 years golden member of HK INVENTORY,  Attend Korea Electronics Exhibition since 2013 , Germany Munich Electronics Show,  Got ISO 9001 Certificate... 

    Until now we are official distributor of inductor brand of JY ELECTRONIC COMPANY ,  also Sunycoil inductor official agent  .

   We offer stock with  fast delivery for customers mass production , also support samples for customer new project R&D  or for customer cross replacement quality approval .  

   We believe customers' business are also our YLH's business,  customers' every request are YLH 's reposibility ,  before shipment make inspection for outer package,  part code marking etc all details .  We are always do our best to make customers happy to work with us ,  to be customers' long-term business partner .  


   5962R9675501VXC     97
   HS9-565ARH-Q     97
   HCS160DMSR     9
   5962R9580601VEC     9
   HCS74DMSR     9
   5962R9578201VCC     9
   JANSR2N7382     76
   UT54ACS164245S-UCC     155
   UT9Q512-UCC     23
   5962R0422701VXC     32
   ISPLSI1024-60LH/883     53
   5962-9476101MXC     53
   AFL2815DZ/ES     60
   ISPLSI1048C-50LG/883     15
   5962-9558701MXC     15
   5962R9211802QYA     12
   5962R9570801VXC     151
   HS9-6617RH-Q     151
   HS9-508BRH-8     5
   HS1-390RH-Q     23
   HSC27DMSR     44
   HS1-139RH-Q     29
   HS1-508ARH-Q     22
   5962R9568101VCC     1
   5962R9663701VEC     1
   5962R9665101VEC     1
   5962R9665401VCC     1
   5962R9662102VCC     4
   5962R9660301VCC     4
   5962R9665301VCC     4

Add:Room 13B , Seat A, Huaqiang Plaza , Huaqiang North Road No.1019 , Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong , China, 518028 .
TEL:86-755-28888166 28888966 28888566
Oversea Manger : Lia

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